About Masks

I’m not selling my mask plans at the moment. If you would like to make, please get in touch – I’ll probably send you a copy for free.

These plans are supplied as PDFs, which means you can make as many masks as you want from each one.
They’e brilliant for parades, craft groups, flash-mob type events and drama productions.

The build methods I use result in the best end products possible, using just card, Mod Podge and contact adhesive. Made according to the instructions, they are robust, flexible and waterproof, even if you make them with “cereal box” style recycled card.
The plans are designed to be easy to follow, with a numbered “tab” system for building, which makes every join strong, from end to end. Every plan comes with full instructions, including links to short video tutorials for each step.

Designed to be Enjoyed

My design process involves building a whole lot of prototypes, so it’s very important to me that making with my plans is an enjoyable experience. The instructions are step-by-step, so you won’t need to refer to them too often. You probably won’t even need them to make your second, third, fourth etc.
Trying out some new pass-times can be expensive, so I have kept the needs for tools and materials to the bare minimum, whilst making sure that the masks made with my plans deliver way more than you would expect.
You will need to bring hand skills and a little patience to be rewarded with the visceral thrill you’ll feel from seeing your pieces push and squeeze beautifully into an astonishing, strong, 3D form. Then you can happily spend as much time as you want on the decoration, knowing that you’re working on something that you built to last.
They’re highly suitable for many types of paint finish and strong enough to add on to with papier mache, or other extra parts, so they’re an excellent starting point for making for “fancy dress” or Cosplay.

Three sample masks made from PolyFacets plans

Designed to Inspire

As children, most of us are makers.
From using cardboard boxes as props in pretend games, to building with dedicated toys, the urge to create comes ready formed.
I want to encourage grown-ups to rediscover their creative selves, whilst taking time out to make something fascinating and easy to personalise.

Designed to be Decorated

Painting these faceted masks is brilliant for developing your artistic skills; they’re a different place to begin than a blank page, like a pre-shaped canvas. With shading techniques, you can give your mask a natural look, or you can use the faces to guide you for a more graphic style. The edges give you ready guidelines, so that you can create symmetrical patterns by eye.
Building from these plans is like “knitting with cardboard”. Make something amazing to wear – have your friends asking “Will you make one of those for me?”