Printing and Scaling a Mask Plan – FAQ

I don’t have any software which will open the PDF file.
If you don’t have software to open and print the plan, you can download it for free, here

Do I need to print in colour?
Printing the plans requires black ink only.

Will it work with my paper size?
The plans are sized to work with both A4 and US letter paper.

The plans are designed to be printed at 100% (this is for a standard / large adult size) – Select “do not scale” in your printer settings.
Each sheet of the plan has a 100mm line, so you can always check the size by measuring this line on the printed sheets.

I want to make masks in different sizes.
If you want to make the masks smaller, you can use your printer settings to rescale them.
85% is the scale I would use to make a “child size”.

Here are some screenshots, yours may be slightly different, depending upon which printer you have.



1. First, I select which pages to print – just the pages with the plan on, pages 6-12 in this case. Each download tells you which pages you need to print.
2. For a standard, adult sized mask, I select “actual size” – then print.
3. To scale the pages, I select “Properties”


4. Then “Page Setup”




5. Select “Scaled” from the Page Layout options
6. Then adjust the figure in the Scaling box and click OK.

85% is the scale I usually choose to make a smaller mask.
The “100 mm” measuring lines will measure 85mm, in this case.

When you come back to the original print settings, “actual size” is still selected and the “print prieview” still shows the pages at full size, but it will print at the scale you have selected.


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